Co-Pilot Counseling LLC



Life not going the way you had planned?  Meet with a licensed, experienced counselor one on one, to create treatment goals uniquely designed to meet your personal needs.  We teach proven evidence based interventions that will ensure your success.


Were you prescribed pain pills for an injury and they continue to haunt  you? We now know that opiates are especially difficult to quit "cold turkey".  We will help you decide if medicated assisted treatment is suitable for you and get you connected with local resources.

Or maybe you've done intensive group counseling before, been clean & sober a while, then those old habits creep back in.  Now you want help applying knowledge personally to your life and your needs.  Learn the latest tools that will enable you to follow through with healthier choices.


Marriage is hard!  After years of struggle and pain we become entrenched in anger and resentment. At Co-Pilot Counseling, couples counseling is our specialty, we explore the family dynamics you brought into your marriage and teach you ways to communicate that will actually resolve conflict, Women need love and men need respect but how do we do that?  It's easier said than done. 


Those teenage years are tough for the teen and the parent. We can help you understand the process of individuation that is happening during this time and ways to ensure that you raise a self-sufficient, independent adult.  For your teenager (or soon to be teenager), we will diagnose and provide a variety of treatment for including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and cutting.