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Who Counseling Helps

Life not going the way you planned?  Meet individually with a licensed professional counselor one on one, to create goals uniquely designed to meet your personal needs.  We utilize proven, evidence based interventions that help ensure your success.

Stress & Anger Management

Stressed Man

Life likes to play games with us, whether it's internal dilemmas or external pressures. These chronic stressors creates changes in appetite or sleep patterns, irritability or anger outbursts, and decreases in quality of life. We may experience stress differently but we can all agree it's not easy to keep control.  Perhaps it's time to  transition into healthier stress and anger management techniques. We get into situations where our fuse is noticeably shrinking because it's lit on both ends.

Marriage & Couples

Image by Caleb Ekeroth

Marriage is hard! At Co-Pilot Counseling, couples counseling is our specialty. After years of struggle and pain we become entrenched in anger and resentment so we explore the family dynamics you brought into your marriage and teach you ways to communicate that will actually resolve conflict, Women need love and men need respect but how do we do that?  It's easier said than done. 

Grief & Loss

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Have you ever found yourself saying "I wish I would’ve known it was the last time, because I never got to say goodbye?" Loss and grief looks different for different people and sometimes it's hard to know if you're 'normal'.  At Co-Pilot you are not alone with your pain, together we process all of these emotions and help you feel better in your current place.


Going to office

Sometimes we find ourselves dreading our occupational positions. It may be a dead-end job with no room for advancement, or it may be a job that pays the bills but otherwise is despised. We can provide in-depth consultation, advice, and guidance specifically focused on any possible career opportunities by utilizing educational, work, and some community settings. Let's set a goal and go for gold!

Trauma & PTSD

Image by Andrew Neel

Not everyone gets dealt good cards in life. Some of us witness/experience things that no human should ever have to endure, whether it was once or ongoing. Sometimes, the effects of the past stay to haunt us and dismantle what little control we feel that we still maintain. It takes self-exploration and processing of these events, and we are ready to help find solutions.


man sits under stairs_edited.jpg

Those teenage years are tough for the teen and the parent!  We can help you understand the process of individuation that is happening during these years and parenting techniques to raise a self-sufficient, independent adult.  For your teenager, (or soon to be teenager), we can help them deal with a variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and cutting.

Alcohol & Addiction

Alcoholic Drinks

Maybe you've completed intensive outpatient group treatment, been clean & sober a while, and then those old habits creep back in.  Now you want personalized help to gain insights and increase understanding so you can follow through with your healthier choices.

Life Transitions


As people, our lives have various phases or transitions. We are here to help you cope and understand how life is changing for yourself, and potentially, others around you. Whether graduating high school and entering the real world, changing jobs, or getting married or divorced, we are fully prepared to help you begin your new journey and plan for the days ahead.

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